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The BSW League tries to organize championships in foreign countries in order to encourage and raise the Spellfire public.

There is not the need to use the Brazilian rules, as they are optional. What is required is that the Brazilian promo cards be accepted to those who want to use them as well as the new promos that are going to be created specifically for the event.

For the event to be sponsored, there should be created 2 promo cards, idealized by the players of the country where the championship will occur. These promos will be edited and printed by the BSW League and sent for free to be given as gifts to the participants of the championship. 

For the championship to be supported by BSW League:

- It must have one or more people responsible for organizing the event and reporting information to BSW League;
- During the event there will need to be one or more BSW League’s logo printed on A3 paper or bigger that should be present on the photos and videos. These logos can be printed as ordinary papers or banners;
- There should be photos and videos taken at the event and sent to the BSW League.

The BSW League will provide:

- Digital art creation for the event’s banner;
- Disclosure on all BSW League’s media (websites, mail lists, fan pages, facebook, forums, etc.);
- Layout creation and printing of the promo cards with the same quality as the Brazilian promos. Two cards will be made exclusively for the event and there will be a total of 20 copies of each printed;
- Ranking of the participants will be world-level.

The results of the championship are going to be gathered with all other international championship ranks, including the one happening in Brazil on the same year.

Be part of this project and organize today your country’s championship!

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